Golden mech deserves a medal

The use of pearl gold and light gray LEGO bricks to depict machinery and greebly technical elements is the hallmark (and something of a cliché) of the Steampunk genre. You don’t often see this color scheme deployed in modern or futuristic themes, and that’s what makes this excellent [...]

1 hour ago

Everything you need to be happy is right there, in your heart

Delving deeper into the artistic aspect of LEGO building, Timofey Tkachev follows up his previous build of a blood fountain with a strong image of spring rain, which has a very impressionist feel to it. The composition makes for a very powerful image, with contrast between colours and textures [...]

4 hours ago

Your dream apartment is just a few bricks away

Heikki Mattila continues to inspire with another brilliant interior, this time with an emphasis on mirrors. These aren’t official LEGO pieces, but are instead a reflective material that has been cut to size. Even if you’re a purist, you can probably agree that they add a nice dimension [...]

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8 hours ago

LEGO Creator Expert 10256 Fairground Carousel : premier visuel

Vous avez raté le set 10196 Grand Carousel sorti en 2009 (ci-dessous) mais vous voulez agrandir pour un tarif raisonnable votre fête foraine LEGO déjà composée des références 10244 Fairground Mixer (2014) et 10247 Ferris Wheel (2015) ? Vous pourrez y ajouter un nouveau manège dès [...]

10 hours ago

New LEGO Group CEO Bali Padda to Appear at BrickFair New England

BrickFair New England, which is anchored by our friends in NELUG and blessed with a location convenient for employees of LEGO's Enfield office. While that proximity to Connecticut has made BFNE a special event in years gone by, this year we're being treated to something more exciting than the [...]

15 hours ago

Landrover 4 x 4 10K Club Interview on the LEGO Ideas Blog

Terry Fisher, whose Landrover 4 x 4 model is currently in review. You can also see additional photos and models from Terry Fisher (and his son - this is "Dad and lad", after all) on his Flickr photostream.

16 hours ago

Do you want to build some BrickHeadz...?

Disney’s Frozen left us with a couple of heavy earworms still playing in the very background of our minds, but CK HO doesn’t let our favourite winter characters go. Recreated in the style of BrickHeadz, Elsa and Anna (featuring Olaf and Swen) do not look as excited as the versions by [...]

16 hours ago

I’m completely operational and all my bricks are put together perfectly

It’s the great-granddaddy of rogue AIs — HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Built from a small selection of LEGO bricks by Jason Allemann, this model perfectly captures the unblinking stare of the famous fictional computer. I can’t look at this without hearing the iconic voice in my [...]

19 hours ago

The ends always justify the means

Love him or hate him, Lex Luther is a pretty cool bad guy! Kale Frost has captured Superman’s archenemy in his famous Warsuit. With its huge Popeye-like forearms and big solid stomping boots, he is intent on ridding the earth of the alien Superman. Kale has taken the color scheme (and a [...]

22 hours ago

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