In love with a Jersey locomotive

This beautiful recreation of a 1940’s New Jersey commuter train is simply breathtaking with the effort to the details put into it. It was carefully researched by Cale Leiphart who eventually fell in love with what he calls the “Jersey Girl” and set his heart on building it, and the result is [...]

3 hours ago

Just Another Day at the Office

3 hours ago

The evolution of the electric-powered babysitter

If you’ve actually owned all three of these technological evolutions of television as depicted by Didier Burtin then you deserve an accolade! And maybe some help blowing out all the candles on your next birthday cake. The flat screen TV may be the last of its kind, as the only thing that’s [...]

6 hours ago

Justice League : Un trailer, un film, 3 sets LEGO

Le trailer du prochain Justice League est maintenant dévoilé et on y cherche déjà ce que LEGO nous proposera dans les trois boites basées sur le film (réf. 76085, 76086 & 76087). Ce qui est quasiment certain, c'est que nous pourrons au moins ajouter à nos collections les versions minifig [...]

7 hours ago

All you need for a rad LEGO hairstyle

Clever techniques are abundant in David FNJ’s lifelike LEGO models of a hair dryer, brush, and comb. Use of metallic wheels on the hair dryer, a net piece to hold the brush bristles and move them realistically, and the teeth spacing on the comb all make David’s builds look real at first [...]

9 hours ago

Barnes & Nobles LEGO Polybag Sets Police Helicopter, U-Wing Fighter and Junior’s Fire Car Now Available

Forum member Mantisking informs us that Barnes & Nobles stores in America are now carrying three new LEGO polybag sets. These include LEGO City 30351 Police Helicopter, 30496 U-Wing Fighter and 30338 Junior’s Fire Car. Price is $3.95 each. 30351 Police Helicopter 30496 U-Wing Fighter [...]

9 hours ago

Toys R Us Canada LEGO Figure Clocks – $19.97 Each

This week from March 24-30, Toys R Us Canada will be offering all LEGO Figure Clocks on sale at $19.97 (reg.$34.99). Savings work out to be 43% off. Excludes LEGO Batman Movie Clocks.   0 Forum Comments 

9 hours ago

J'ai testé pour vous : Kit de démarrage LEGO Education WeDo 2.0

On parle aujourd'hui d'un produit LEGO un peu différent de ceux au sujet desquels nous échangeons habituellement ici. Il s'agit du kit de démarrage WeDo 2.0 (réf. 45300), un des produits de la gamme LEGO Education qui permet aux plus jeunes de développer de manière ludique "leurs [...]

9 hours ago

Beware the Barqan Fire

Looking like a cross between napalm and chili sauce, Barqan Fire appears to be nasty stuff with a lingering afterburn. Jonas Wide showcases the weapon’s devastating potential in this explosive vignette. Everything about the build is pure class: the tiled roof is simple yet grand, the [...]

12 hours ago

Initiate Megazord sequence! Amazing LEGO Power Rangers Megazord is actually made of separate Dinozords

The new Power Rangers movie opened in theaters yesterday, exciting ’90s kids everywhere as the first major motion picture in the franchise in 20 years.  LEGO hasn’t picked up the license for Power Rangers, but that hasn’t stopped eager fans from building their [...]

15 hours ago

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